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Filmed Web Content

Filmed Web content is key to promoting your brand, your business product or service effectively via the net.

Thought PR is linked with 2Production, who have over 20 years experience as a creative broadcast facilitator with the BBC, ITV, C4 and C5 including work on BAFTA Award winning output. Whatever filming you require, you are in very safe hands using 2Production through Thought PR.

There are many benefits and options of different web content to promote your business, here are a few below:


Talking Heads or Web interview

We can write, film, produce and edit a web interview with your MD or CEO as the subject. Ideally using your choice of venue – your office, or a near by location as a set/backdrop to promote your brand.  This will give your clients and prospective clients accessibility to you, a useful positive tool for marketing and promotional opportunities in today’s transparent marketplace.


Branding Film

We can write, film, produce and edit a film that shows off your business plus its USP to attract new business or to create brand awareness. This is a film of the Fashion Retail Academy and its facilities. This film was personally merited by Sir Philip Green during a speech he gave after it was shown at the venue as featured.


Explainer Animation Film

We can write, film, produce and edit an ‘Explainer’ Animation. This is a very effective, 2D animation that explains your business and services plus your USP in a quirky and clear manner. As part of a direct marketing campaign, ‘Explainer’ animations encourage new business and are also extremely useful for increasing web traffic back to your site, sometimes by up to 50%.
Once produced and signed off, all filmed content is uploaded on to your social media platforms by us to maximise your brands promotion.



Thought PR – Rebranding

Thought PR – Rebranding

‘Rebranding’ involves creating a whole new look to attract new business. Thought PR will manage this process seamlessly, from the initial idea through to your final sign off.

Our clients have included:    baker mckenzie        Chelsea   Specsavers_logo-1-tatelylle_logo

We can meet with you to discuss your ideas and objectives, then spend creative development time redesigning your company logo to create a fresh new look.

Once the redesign is agreed, we will produce a bespoke style sheet including all the required parts, colour codes and artwork to update your website, your business cards, letterheads, plus compliment slips as required.

Any time spent, ‘to-ing and from-ing’ until project sign off is all included in our fee. 

Quality printing can also be facilitated and quoted for.


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We have developed links with a number of  PR associates giving our clients variety and breadth of service.

Therefore, we also supply other services such as:

Crisis Communications & Issues Management, Reputation Management and Media Relations.

Contact us today and we will assist your enquiry.




Watch and read …

‘Thought PR’ founder Paul Sadler has over 25 years of experience working within the media and PR world.

With regular appearances on ‘The Big Breakfast’, ‘Top Of The Pops’, ‘SM:TV Live’, ‘CD:UK’ and featuring in various international commercials and film roles, Paul Sadler has built up a vast network and database of media professionals and celebrities that can all be utilized to benefit your promotional requirements.

With clients such as BBC television and radio, Channel 4, ITV, national and regional press and magazines, Paul Sadler and his team are the only choice to promote your business to your audience in an effective, efficient and cost effective manner.




Thought PR – Becoming more social

Becoming more social …

‘Thought PR’ has a dedicated team specifically actioned to build up, create and manage your online social media presence.

Whether an effective ‘tweet’, Facebook update, creating an Instagram presence or utilising other social media platforms, ‘Thought PR’ will strategically build up your web presence through regular content provision.


Thought PR – How We Work For You

How we work for you …

After our initial meeting, we will discuss your key PR objectives. We then move forward and achieve them by using our expertise to maximize the PR potential in your project. 

By creating and sending out your thought provoking and concise Press Release, or Electronic Press Kit (EPK) to the media, we can highlight and promote the benefits of each  and every project we undertake.

Thought PR apply the most creative and innovative ways to promote your business or project always within your budget and schedule.



PR and Social Media Networking


Social media networking is the way many of your customers and potential customers communicate. It’s an ever important platform from which to promote your idea, business or event.

Thought PR strategically build up your web presence through using social media networking. We also provide each client practical input with daily/weekly content provision. We can output social media from various platforms: Client Blog, Twitter Facebook, Instagram as required.

We can also discuss and advise fresh digital PR potential and opportunities while introducing other Digital Social Media platforms.

The Press Release


The Press Release is the usually the first impression the media and therefore your potential customers will get of your idea, business or event.

Thought PR will create and send out a professionally written press release highlighting each of your new projects to all appropriate niche feature magazine, newspaper and press editors. Including our TV and radio contacts where appropriate.

“One of the best produced shows of the week”- Vogue Magazine

“Ozwald Boateng takes to the Big Screen” – The Guardian Newspaper

images-5“To create ongoing brand awareness, we always follow up the response of your press release to gain reaction.  We discuss creative promotional opportunities attached to any ongoing and new projects you have planned.”

Thought About PR?

Thought about PR? Then think about us.

Thought PR have arrived, with a fresh, positive and cost effective approach to PR.

Thought PR get results through listening, advising and through creatively promoting your project, event or business – from concept to launch and beyond.

Contact us today for an informative chat or to arrange a meeting.


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